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"Regression Service Call"


Full length movie 55 minutes playing time
Featuring Veronica Of course Veronica's pretty face is fully shown in the movie

Sneaky Veronica Has called for a serviceman to repair her leaking shower but she has other plans. When the workman arrives she pretends to demonstrate but accidently on purpose wets his pants with the shower spray. She offers to get him a dry change of clothes and dress him but he is astounded when she brings in a diaper, undoes his pants and wants to clean his willy with wet wipes.

Veronica tapes on a Bambino Blanco sposie and he is totally embarrassed. After all, he is a grown man! She leads him into a bedroom and asks him to wait there. As she closes the door behind her he hears it lock. WTF? He is locked in the room and now finds he is desperate to pee.

Veronica is taking her own sweet time expecting this would happen. Finally after he cannot hold on any longer he saturates his diaper then she comes into the room. He is in a real dilemma and tries to hide it but she insists since he is behaving like a baby he will have to suck on a pacifier and have his diaper changed.

She straddles his legs to wipe his willy clean and then rub in baby powder. She also rubs powder into her boobs because she knows how nice it feels. Then on with an Awwsocute sposie and some cute baby clothes.

Veronica puts booties on him and brings in baby toys then tells him he need to be breast fed. She undoes her maternity bra and makes the hapless tradesman suckle on her big nipples. It does not feel so bad when she rubs her hand over the outside and slides it inside his diaper to see if he has wet it yet while still on the boob.

Then some big cuddles for her new adult baby boy and Veronica ties a bib around his neck to be spoon fed just like a baby.

In the final instalment the hapless tradie has been totally regressed to a widdle adult baby boy. She uses lots of baby lotion on him to ensure he does not get a diaper rash.

Finally she folds a fresh cloth diaper, slides it under his bottom then pins it on followed by plastic pants. The transformation is complete!

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